Rwanda: Three people killed in Torrential rains

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

Heavy rainfall in several parts across Rwanda late Saturday night had killed three people and destroyed 48 houses, the ministry of Emergency management confirmed on Sunday.

The downpour also destroyed three roads and 35 hectares of crops especially in Kigali City and Western Province, reports said.

As part of adaptation measures to current heavy rain period that is taking lives of people and destroy infrastructure, Rwandan officials urge the public to be cautious and avoid anything that might cause

Citizens should check the condition of their houses, fasten their roofs and move from those that are not strong whenever it's raining."

Other precautionary measures include avoiding to use electronic gadgets or to go in water bodies when the rain has lightning.

Last month, the Rwanda Meteorology Agency issued a forecast warning of above-average rainfall during the long rain season.

Citizens were also urged to take extra caution and check the conditions of their houses and roofs and avoid water bodies during the rain.

Figures from the Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA) have revealed that 75 people died and 84 others were injured since January this year due to heavy rains.

damages between January and September 2019 were worth about Rwf744 million ($1USD = 930 Rwf).


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