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Rwandan nationals detained over illegal entry into Uganda

APA-Kampala (Uganda)

The Uganda police are holding eight Rwandan nationals for entering the country illegally.

Those being detained are suspected of being commercial sex workers and they were arrested during an operation in the wee hours of Friday, while camped in various night spots in various parts of the country.

Julius Bwahwayo, a Uganda police officer who was commanding the operation, said that security was being reinforced to launch the operation after receiving intelligence information that illegal entrants had flocked the town.

He said although Uganda is a member of the East African Community where citizens from the member countries are required to enter with on national identifications, the suspects failed to present any single identification to security officials. He added that those who were found with proper identifications were left to proceed with their business.

Mariam Kangabe, one of the suspects admits to have crossed from Rwanda to Uganda without any identification and asked for forgiveness.

The suspects are still detained at a police station in the Western Uganda district of Kabale as investigations into the matter continue.

According to Ugandan law, prostitution is an illegal practice and attracts a punishment of imprisonment.


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