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    S/Africans observe Reconciliation Day

    APA-Mthatha (South Africa)

    Leading his nation to observe Reconciliation Day, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has used the occasion to appeal to his compatriots to be part of the efforts to promote investment, achieve inclusive growth, improve the conditions of the poor and create employment on a massive scale.

    Ramaphosa made the remarks when he addressed a capacity filled Walter Sisulu Stadium in Mthatha, a city located in the Eastern Cape Province at the National Reconciliation Day commemoration on Sunday.

    According to the president, “the Day of Reconciliation must be a time for reaffirming our commitment to eradicate poverty, hunger, homelessness and unemployment.”

    “We cannot be a reconciled nation for as long as the majority of our people continue to suffer from the injustices of the past,” he said.

    He said that reconciliation meant that all young South Africans needed to have equal opportunities to pursue their chosen course of study, to live where they please, to find meaningful employment and to live in conditions of comfort and safety.

    In this regard, Ramaphosa said his administration was working towards correcting the mistakes made by government in the past, including eradication of corruption.

    He said another area that was crucial to reconciliation was a just and equitable resolution to the land question.

    “The equitable distribution of land has been a consistent call of the overwhelming majority of South Africans. Access to land is a fundamental right of citizenship. It doesn’t just empower communities and workers. It enhances food security, especially for the rural poor,” Ramaphosa said.


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