Secondary education expansion scheme launched in Malawi


Malawi and United States of America (USA) governments on Tuesday launched a $90million Secondary Education Expansion for Development (SEED) program to increase access to secondary schools and reduce risk to HIV across the country.

President Peter Mutharika said in the capital Lilongwe  during the launch of the program that his government will expand the  program to all corners of the country so that the youths benefits  through education.

"We need more girls and boys to be educated so that they  can make right decisions in life and also be economically self  sufficient," he said
In his remarks, US envoy to Malawi, Robert Scott said investing in young  people is a priority because educated youth especially girls enjoy  greater economic prosperity.

"There is growing evidence that keeping girls in school can  reduce HIV infection by delaying sexual debut, preventing child  marriages and early pregnancies," he said.

He said his government is committed to working with Malawi to bring secondary schools closer to where girls and boys live.

However, through the initiative over 250,000 secondary schools will be constructed across the country.


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