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Sierra Leone: Press dominated by coronavirus

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

Friday’s edition of Sierra Leonean papers are dominated by reports on the coronavirus and the efforts the government is taken to prevent it from entering the country.

Calabash Newspaper leads with a story on President Bio’s address to the nation on Wednesday on the pandemic. “No panic or lockdown,” it quotes the president saying in his televised address.

“Prepare for the coronavirus global recession and Sierra Leone is not exempted,” another story on the front page of the same paper says, quoting a local economist.

“President Bio demonstrates exceptional leadership to prevent Covid-19,” says Heritage newspaper as its front page lead. “President Bio urges Sierra Leoneans,” says The Watch Newspaper, also on the president’s address to the nation.

“President Bio addresses the nation on Coronavirus,” says the Source Newspaper. Another story on the Source’s front page is the rights group, Campaign for Human Rights Development International, calling on the government to approach Covid-19 with rights based measures.

“Finance Minister is downbeat,” screams the Global Times. “A Nation in edge!” says Politico Newspaper, which is entirely dedicated to reports on the viral pandemic and the latest measures the government had taken.


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