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Six die in Lubumbashi clashes between militia, police

APA - Kinshasa (DR Congo)

At least six people including five “Bakata Katanga” militiamen and a civilian died Friday in Lubumbashi, the second largest city in southern DR Congo, following clashes that occurred early in the morning between the police and militiamen, who launched their attack in the Luwowoshi district of the city, the Katanga provincial minister of Interior and the mayor of the city said in a report.

The two authorities in the province of the Upper Katanga province also reported four militiamen and two seriously wounded schoolchildren admitted to medical care in the city.

They also reassured the population that the situation was now under control and that search operations were underway to flush out militiamen hiding in town. It was also reported that several militiamen were apprehended by the police during clashes.

No reason, however, has been put forward to justify this sudden attack in Lubumbashi. It can be recalled that this city was however in the past, in the grip of several similar attacks, like in 2013 and in July 2018.


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