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Swearing- in of the President-elect dominates Ghanaian media


The swearing-in of the President-elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo dominates the headlines of Ghanaian media on Saturday with such banner headline as “A new dawn” and splashing of the photograph of Nana Addo on their front pages.

The Ghanaian Times reported that the president-elect Nana Akufo Addo and Dr Alhaji Mahamudu would be sworn in on Saturday as President and Vice President respectively at a colourful ceremony at the Independence Square in Accra.

The swearing–in ceremony will be conducted before the 275 Members of Parliament and witnessed by more than 6000 invited dignitaries and 11 Heads of State, two vice presidents, 13 government representatives, five multilaterals and governments among others.

The Chief Justice, Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood, will administers the oath. The President of Ivory Coast, Alhassane Quattara, is expected to be official guest of honour at the swearing-in.

The Daily Graphic on the other hand reported that today thousands of people from all walks of life will converge at the Independence Square in Accra to witness the momentous swearing-in of Nana Akufo Addo as the 5th President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana.

The Daily Guide reported that Nana Akufo Addo will on Saturday swear the presidential oath and the oath of allegiance to go down in history as the first child of a former president of Ghana to become president of the Republic of Ghana.


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