19-Sep-2014 to 19:02

Mozambique media urged to help fight poverty

APA-Maputo (Mozambique) — Mozambique Prime Minister Alberto Vaquina has urged the country's journalists to use their profession to bolster the crusade against poverty.

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19-Sep-2014 to 13:59

Press harps on capture of insurgents’ commander, cash for arms scandal

APA-Abuja (Nigeria) — The capture of a Boko Haram commander in Konduga, a US$9.3 million cash arms deal scandal, and the adoption of President Goodluck Jonathan as the sole candidate of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015 general election, were the major stories in Nigerian newspapers on Friday.

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19-Sep-2014 to 11:17

Opposition walk out, rise in organised crime dominate Malawi newspapers

APA-Lilongwe (Malawi) — The decision by members of Malawi’s opposition People's Party (PP) to walk out of the National Assembly in solidarity with their fellow member who was ordered to leave the house and the rise in organised crimes in the country are some of the headlines in the Malawi newspapers on Friday.

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19-Sep-2014 to 10:59

Namibian press zooms on teacher shortage, Swapo politics

APA-Windhoek (Namibia) – — The Namibian press on Friday zoomed on the refusal by Members of Parliament to declare their assets, the shortage of qualified teachers as well as internal politics within the ruling Swapo party.

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18-Sep-2014 to 18:37

Dangote Industries to sponsor CNN Africa schedule

APA – Lagos (Nigeria) — Dangote Industries has concluded plans to sponsor the ‘Facetime’ segment on CNN Marketplace Africa.

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18-Sep-2014 to 11:12

Sierra Leone re-launches landline telephone connection

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — Sierra Leone`s national telecommunications company (Sierratel), has launched a landline telephone network, 12 years since the war ended, local media report here Wednesday.

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18-Sep-2014 to 10:48

Namibian press zooms on ruling party, government contracts

APA-Windhoek (Namibia) – — The Namibian press on Thursday zoomed into the internal politics of the ruling party Swapo party as well as minister demands for answers from the national roads entity over the awarding of tenders to a non-compliance Chinese company.

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