29-Mar-2019 to 12:19

Congo: Ten thousand hectares to be reforested

APA - Brazzaville (Congo) — Congo, in partnership with the Batekes Brazzaville Forest Planting Society (SPF2B) plans to reforest more than 10,000 hectares across the country over the next ten years in an attempt to curb deforestation and the degradation of natural forests, APA learns.

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27-Mar-2019 to 14:04

Congo’s wildlife conservation project gets 2.5bn CFA boost from EU

APA - Brazzaville (Congo) — The European Union has agreed to finance 2.5 billion CFA francs a five-year project by the Congolese government to conserve wildlife, ecosystems and improve the living conditions and food security of living communities in the northern part of the country.

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26-Mar-2019 to 17:56

Congo cracks smuggling ring, 90kg ivory stockpile seized

APA-Brazzaville (Congo) By Leon Charles Moukouri — Six poachers found with 41 ivory tips of nearly 90 kg were rounded up in the department of the Basin-West, in the north of Congo.

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21-Mar-2019 to 16:32

Prioritize investment over aid, EU tells Africa

APA-Brazzaville (Congo) By Leon Charles Moukouri — The European Union’s Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region, Koen Vervaeke has called on African leaders to prioritise investment, stressing that development will not come from aid.

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08-Feb-2019 to 18:47

Two Congos urged to deepen ties

APA-Brazzaville (Congo) By Léon Charles Moukouri — Leonard She Okitundu, the Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Friday called for regular visits between the leaders of the two Congos.

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30-Jan-2019 to 12:41

EU to mobilize 21b fCFA for Congo - Official

APA-Brazzaville (Congo) by Leon Charles Moukouri — Paul Mateus Paula, head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Congo, announced on Tuesday in Brazzaville that his structure will mobilize 21 billion CFA francs in 2019 for various projects of the Congolese government.

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29-Jan-2019 to 10:34

WB, Congo to share experience in poverty eradication

APA-Brazzaville (Congo) By Leon Charles Moukouri — The second Knowledge and Experience Sharing Week organized by the representative of the World Bank Group in Congo, as part of the continuous dialogue on economic issues and reforms with the Congolese authorities, started Monday in Brazzaville under the theme: “Education for Human Development.”

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