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    12-Feb-2018 to 15:35

    Kenya targets 4 million tourists arrival by 2030 - Official

    APA-Nairobi (Kenya) — Kenya is seeking to increase the number of tourist arrivals to four million annually by 2030, the country’s Cabinet Secretary for tourism Najib Balala said on Monday.

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    12-Feb-2018 to 12:12

    Ethiopia to sue Dutch company over Teff grain patent rights

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopia is considering suing the Dutch company called Health and Performance Food International, to nullify the patent rights over Teff grain that the company registered in Italy, England, Germany and Austria.

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    12-Feb-2018 to 10:12

    Sirleaf wins Mo Ibrahim leadership prize

    APA-Nairobi (Kenya) — Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who served two terms as President of Liberia from 2006 to 2017, is the fifth recipient of the Ibrahim Prize, which recognises and celebrates excellence in African leadership.

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    11-Feb-2018 to 15:24

    Kampala: US citizen detained over wife battery, others

    APA-Kampala (Uganda) — Ugandan police say they will continue to detain a US citizen suspected of domestic violence and illegally harbouring arms and ammunitions.

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    11-Feb-2018 to 14:33

    Two Europeans die mysteriously in Ugandan hotels

    APA-Kampala (Uganda) — Police in Kampala are investigating the circumstances under which two European nationals were found dead mysteriously in separate hotels in Uganda.

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    11-Feb-2018 to 14:08

    South Sudan peace talks suffer setback

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — The second round of peace talks in Ethiopia aimed at ending South Sudan’s four-year civil war have stalled after government officials refused to sign up to a declaration of principles holding both sides responsible.

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    10-Feb-2018 to 15:23

    South Sudan opposition want lean parliament

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — The government and the opposition in South Sudan are locked in a protracted disagreement over the size of the transitional parliament.

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