29-Oct-2020 to 10:12

Ghana: Press focuses on finance minister’s pledge to commit more funds to infras...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The finance minister’s pledge that the government will commit more funds into infrastructural development in Ghana if the Akufo-Addo-led government is retained and the promise of former President John Mahama, to create sustainable jobs for the youth if he wins the December 7 presidential election are the leading stories in Ghanaian press on Thursday.

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28-Oct-2020 to 10:52

Ghana: Press highlights government’s position on Highly Indebted Poor Country, o...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The Minister of Information’s denial that Ghana has been listed as a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) due to its declining economic situation dominates the headlines of the Ghanaian press on Wednesday.

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27-Oct-2020 to 18:01

Ghana: Man in police custody for strangling wife to death

APA – Accra (Ghana) — A Ghanaian woman, Rahinatu Hamidu, was allegedly strangled to death by her husband when a misunderstanding between the married couple at Pulmakom near Pusiga in the Upper East Region turned tragic. I

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27-Oct-2020 to 10:32

Ghana: Press zooms in on illicit use, cultivation of cannabis in Ghana, others

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The statement by the Narcotic Control Commission (NACOC) that it has not issued any person or institution with a licence to cultivate cannabis in Ghana and the passage of the Petroleum Hub Development Corporation Bill, 2020 by the Parliament are some of the leading stories in the Ghanaian press on Tuesday.

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26-Oct-2020 to 20:00

Ghana electoral body deletes 30,000 names from voters register

APA – Accra (Ghana) — Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) has said that 30,000 names have been deleted from the country’s voters register.

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26-Oct-2020 to 10:46

Ghana: Press highlights call for elimination of fake news from Ghanaian media, o...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The call by President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for a concerted effort to eliminate fake news from the Ghanaian media landscape and the fabric of society dominates the headlines of Ghanaian press on Monday.

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25-Oct-2020 to 13:53

Ghana: Agency warns of rainstorm in Accra, coastal areas

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has warned that rainstorm is expected to hit Accra and other coastal areas in the country on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

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