26-Feb-2020 to 16:26

G/Bissau’s CNE confirms Embalo Sissoco’s poll win

APA-Bissau (Guinea Bissau) — The National Electoral Commission (CNE) of Guinea-Bissau proceeded on Tuesday during a plenary session, to the national counting of the results of the runoff of the presidential election of December 29, 2019, as part of the implementation of the Supreme Court of Justice ruling.

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26-Feb-2020 to 10:46

Cote d’Ivoire: 43 percent of women in Abidjan hit by obesity-UNICEF)

APA - Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) — In Abidjan, the Ivorian economic capital, 43 percent of women are either obese or overweight, Garnier Denis, the Director of the Nutrition Department at the Office of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Cote d’Ivoire, said Tuesday in an interview with APA.

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25-Feb-2020 to 14:07

Towards better urban mobility in Abidjan

APA - Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) — As part of its modernization scheme, Abidjan, the Ivorian economic capital, is poised to become an attractive metropolis with traffic routes that facilitate mobility.

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25-Feb-2020 to 13:44

Cote d’Ivoire: Migrating to big cities, expanding the urban frameworks

APA - Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) — Cote d’Ivoire, which is eager to become a sub-regional hub, is poised to transform its urban ecosystem through dense and intelligent cities, which are sustainable and frugal, with a landscape responding to the new challenges of sustainable development.

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25-Feb-2020 to 11:24

Africa-France Summit to discuss urban development

APA - Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) — Cote d’Ivoire is gearing up for the Africa-France Summit scheduled for June 2020 in Bordeaux, France, which will focus on the theme of sustainable cities and territories.

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24-Feb-2020 to 19:32

The hue and cry sparked off by a wedding kiss!

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — Photos of Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio kissing his wife, Fatima Jabbi, last weekend sparked a hue and cry by Sierra Leoneans active on social media platforms.

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24-Feb-2020 to 15:19

OIF quits Guinea's "flawed" electoral process

APA - Conakry (Guinea) — The Assistance Mission of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) is quitting Guinea's electoral process describing it as flawed, according to a statement made available to APA on Monday.

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