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    16-Feb-2018 to 18:19

    Uganda: Two Kenyans arrested for human trafficking

    APA-Kampala (Uganda) — Uganda police have arrested two Kenyans for allegedly trafficking four Eritreans into the country illegally, a senior police figure said on Friday.

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    16-Feb-2018 to 13:00

    Niger seeks $338M for vulnerable populations

    APA-Niamey (Niger) — The Prime Minister of Niger, Brigi Rafini, has launched a $338 million appeal for funds to assist 1.8 million people in a state of vulnerability.

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    15-Feb-2018 to 17:23

    W/Bank ends Tanzanian municipality's water woes

    APA-Babati (Tanzania) — A World Bank project for clean water supply has been completed in Tanzania’s Babati municipality ready for official hand over in the next few weeks, a senior officials disclosed on Thursday.

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    14-Feb-2018 to 17:24

    Relief agencies chase $240m for Mali’s destitute

    APA-Bamako (Mali) — International relief organizations, led by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, (OCHA) Wednesday launched a global appeal for an estimated $263 million to provide basic services to the destitute populations in Mali.

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    13-Feb-2018 to 18:27

    DRC: Japan pledges CFA1.375 billion for conflict victims

    APA-Brazzaville (Congo) — Japan, through the World Bank's presence in the Congo, has made available CFA1.375 billion for the implementation of a support project to improve the quality of life for victims of armed conflict in Pool Department.

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    13-Feb-2018 to 18:10

    Four Congolese drown while fleeing to Uganda

    APA-Kampala (Uganda) — The UN refugee agency UNHCR Tuesday said it is shocked by reports of four Congolese refugees feared to have drowned after their boat capsized on Lake Albert as they tried to flee to Uganda.

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    10-Feb-2018 to 14:10

    Crocodiles maul twelve people in Mozambique

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique) — At least twelve people were killed by crocodiles in Mozambique's Chinde district in the central province of Zambezia, APA has learnt.

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