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    25-Sep-2014 to 20:04

    Senegal population tops 13 million - Official

    APA-Dakar (Senegal) — Senegal's population has reached 13,508,715 inhabitants, the National Agency of Statistics and Demography of Senegal, (ANSDS) announced in Dakar on Thursday.

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    25-Sep-2014 to 17:59

    S/Africa: Nigerian evangelist may be sued over building tragedy

    APA – Pretoria (South Africa) — Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua could be sued by relatives of the two South Africans who died after a church hostel in Lagos belonging to the pastor collapsed.

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    25-Sep-2014 to 10:54

    Sierra Leone police wage 'war' on commercial motor bike riders

    APA- Freetown (Sierra Leone) — The scene at the center of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, was near chaos on Wednesday as police detained several commercial bike riders as part of an operation aimed at ridding the city of commercial bikes, locally called Okada.

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    25-Sep-2014 to 10:44

    Sierra Leone: Angry youths protest delay in burial of the dead

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — Some angry youths disrupted traffic in a part of the Sierra Leonean capital on Wednesday as a protest against delays in of burial of the dead by relatives.

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    25-Sep-2014 to 10:38

    Fire destorys parts of Sierra Leone law courts building

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — Parts of the Sierra Leone High Court building caught fire on Wednesday destroying documents and a safe.

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    24-Sep-2014 to 15:55

    AICC organises youth farmers’ market fair

    APA-Lilongwe (Malawi) — The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) has organised a Young Innovative Farmers Market Fair to showcase creativity in the country.

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    24-Sep-2014 to 13:22

    Nigerian police arrest man for killing wife over adultery

    APA – Lagos (Nigeria) — The police in Delta State in south-western Nigeria have arrested a man, Michael Akpore, accused of killing his wife, Julie Akpore, 32, over claims of adultery.

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