18-May-2019 to 11:10

Jailed Somaliland journalist injured during arrest

APA-Hargeisa (Somalia) — Authorities in the breakaway state of Somaliland are detaining television reporter Abdirahman Keyse Mohamed, also known as Tungub, after he was injured by a shot from the police.

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14-May-2019 to 16:04

Somalia: Leaks prompt school exam deferral

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Leaked papers in Somalia have led to the postponement of examination in high schools across the country, affecting tens of thousands of final-year students.

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11-Apr-2019 to 13:07

Somalia rejoins UPU amid lifting of decades-long sanctions

APA-Nairobi (Kenya) — Somalia has officially resumed its full membership at the world’s governing body for postal services, as decades-long sanctions have been lifted.

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07-Mar-2019 to 17:37

Shabaab strikes Mogadishu, threatens more attacks

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — The Somali militant group al-Shabaab has reportedly claimed responsibility for Thursday’s deadly bombing at a checkpoint near the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

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01-Feb-2019 to 16:28

Airstikes dent al-Shabaab capacity - US

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Washington has claimed that the capabilities of the militant sect al-Shabaab have been degraded thanks to US airstrikes coordinated with a series of ground offensive by Somali troops.

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28-Jan-2019 to 21:27

Relief agencies launch aid appeal for Somalia

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — The government of Somalia and aid agencies launched the 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) on Monday this week (January 21), calling on donors to provide sufficient and early funding to sustain aid operations in Somalia in 2019.

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04-Jan-2019 to 12:07

Somalia: 4.2m people in need of humanitarian assistance

APA-Nairobi (Kenya) — A third of Somali’s population, comprising of more than 4.2 million people will require humanitarian assistance and protection in 2019, aid agencies have disclosed in their latest assessment.

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