04-Dec-2019 to 23:43

US and Sudan to exchange ambassadors

APA-Khartoum (Sudan) — Washington and Khartoum have agreed to send ambassadors to each other’s capital for the first time in 23 years, the US Department of State revealed in a statement on Wednesday.

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04-Dec-2019 to 11:23

23 confirmed dead from Khartoum factory fire

APA-Khartoum (Sudan) — Sudan's transitional government has confirmed the deaths of 23 people in what was described as a huge inferno which raged in a district of the capital for much of Tuesday.

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22-Oct-2019 to 09:36

Thousands join anti-Bashir protests in Sudan

APA-Khartoum (Sudan) — Tens of thousands of protesters across Sudan have taken to the streets demanding justice against deposed president Omar al-Bashir and a blanket ban on his party.

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27-Sep-2019 to 00:18

Sudan shuts borders with Libya, CAR

APA-Khartoum (Sudan) — Sudan has said it is closing its land borders with Libya and Central African Republic to bolster its security after a recent spate of illegal car-smuggling into the country.

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23-Sep-2019 to 19:10

Darfur 'bread protests' continue despite crackdown

APA-Khartoum-Sudan — Street protests in Nayala city, South Darfur have continued into a second day on Monday over the rising price of basic commodities including bread despite a crackdown by security forces.

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22-Sep-2019 to 18:42

Sudan security forces crack down on student protesters

APA-Khartoum (Sudan) — Sudanese security forces on Sunday used rubber bullets, teargas and batons to charged down student protesters in Nayla, South Darfur.

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13-Sep-2019 to 21:47

Asmara cozies up to Khartoum as Afwerki visits Sudan

APA-Sudan (Khartoum) — President Isaias Afwerki is poised to begin a two-day official visit to Khartoum on Saturday to hold talks on bilateral relations with the new leadership in Sudan and the situation in the region, the Sudanese state news agency reported on Friday.

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