Two Congos urged to deepen ties

APA-Brazzaville (Congo) By Léon Charles Moukouri

Leonard She Okitundu, the Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Friday called for regular visits between the leaders of the two Congos.

He speaking on the sidelines of the official visit of President Felix Tshisekedi to Brazzaville.

According to the head of DRC diplomacy, "this would prevent any misunderstanding" between the two neighbours.

Addressing a press conference, the Foreign Minister of the DRC said that "the visit of the new president of the DRC will warm bilateral relations" between the two Congos.

Mr. Okitundu stressed that, during this visit, "the people will notice that there is a mutual desire on both sides to strengthen the bonds of friendship but also cooperation in all areas.”

Jean Claude Gakosso, Congo's FA minister, commended the peaceful transfer of power in the DRC, before saying that he "has a lot of hope in reviving the Inga project, which should provide abundant energy to the entire subregion which is grappling with a long energy gap.”

According to Gakosso, the bilateral cooperation between the DRC and the Congo should focus more on the "commercial, human and cultural" aspects so as to strengthen the Kinshasa-Brazzaville axis, two cities separated simply by the Congo River.

"We place a lot of hope in the construction of the bridge to connect Kinshasa to Brazzaville," Jean Claude Gakosso added.

Relations between the two Congo had cooled last December after Brazzaville hosted a regional summit to find ways of resolving the then political crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo without representatives from the country.


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