Update: Tropical storm Desmond displaces 120K in Mozambique

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Mozambique's disaster relief agency, the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) has announced that at least 120,000 people have left their flooded homes as a result of heavy rains in the central port city of Beira, caused by tropical storm Desmond.

INGC spokesperson Paulo Tomas said precipitation reached 277 millimeters late Tuesday.

"These are intense rains that came with tropical storm Desmond, which is affecting the provinces of Sofala, Manica, Tete and Zambézia. So far, 120,000 people are homeless", Tomas told APA over the phone from Beira on Wednesday.

The official said his department has opened three accommodation centers to house victims seeking refuge from various districts of the city of Beira.

Experts said the storm should weaken as it moves over land, but that it could still bring heavy rainfall.

Damage could be inflicted on Mozambique’s multi-million dollar macadamia nut industry. Subsistence maize farmers recovering from last year’s El Nino-triggered drought are also at risk.

Floods in 2000 and 2001 killed hundreds of people in Mozambique, and two cyclones in January 2014 killed 26 and displaced more than 125,000, according to official data.


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