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Gorée should continue to be a historic crossroad for nations  
The Gorée Island should keep playing its role of nations’ meeting place, the Mayor of the Island, M. Augustin Senghor, said in an interview with APA, in the sidelines of the just-ended third Gorée Diaspora Festival.
This 17 hectares Island located at three kilometres from Dakar, Senegal’s capital, is well known for the role it played during the slave trade era.

“Gore should continue to play its role of crossroad of nations”, the Mayor stated, calling for the creating of conditions for a “new era of peace and exchange towards the development of humanity as a whole”.

Talking about the just-ended festival, he expressed his “satisfaction”, as the 2007 edition was an opportunity to carry out “necessary transformations in terms of diversified activities and meetings between a larger number of representatives of the continent and the Diaspora”.

A dozen of countries were represented at this cultural event, which is a remarkable asset towards the internationalisation of the event that Gor’s Mayor wishes it become “an issue of the Diaspora once and for all”.

This year’s edition of the “Gore Diaspora Festival” was marked by an international symposium on slavery along with several musical concerts and film meetings on the topic Exils et Mmoires .A dozen of films were screened on the occasion.

The agenda of the international symposium includes six sessions on "slave trade: comprehensive measure, economic impacts, legal approaches", " slave trade in West Africa", colonial slave trade, Indian Ocean and its consequences", "Atlantic slave trade", "the impact of transatlantic slave trade in the Caribbean", " remembrance and lessons from slave trade".

Over 300 key figures from several countries attended the third edition of the event.

Talking about next year's edition, Augustin Senghor said “for the time being we will say nothing about what we’ll do. But there are many surprises in store for the attendants to the fourth edition billed for next year”.

2007-11-19 23:13:21

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