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Africa: Pandemic may be past its peak -WHO

APA-Nairobi (Kenya)

The coronavirus outbreak in Africa may be past its peak, according to a statement attributed to the World Health Organisation's regional director for the continent.

Speaking at a Tuesday's teleconference of African Health ministers, WHO Africa regional  director Matshidiso Moeti warned that complacency is the greatest enemy of the fight against the pandemic.

Moeti said a second wave of infections may happen if Africa rests on its laurels as the number of cases of the respiratory disease drop.

"We have the daily numbers of cases being reported overall in the region going down" she said.

However, while the number of daily cases may have dropped, a few African countries are still experiencing a surge in infection on a day to day basis.

Mbeti said one such country is Namibia.

Africa currently has some 1.2 million cases and suffered 28,000 deaths since Egypt reported the continent's first case on February 14.

South Africa continues to be the hardest hit African country with over 550, 000 cases, making it the fifth most ravaged nation in the world.


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