G/Bissau political crisis: Army told to be neutral

APA - Bissau (Guinea Bissau)

The Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP), on Tuesday, called on the military in Guinea Bissau not to take sides in the country's post-electoral crisis, after soldiers occupied public landmarks including court complexes.

By Nouha Mancaly

“The CPLP calls on the republican armed forces to refrain from any action compromising their neutral position in the face of the conflict which is of a political nature,” the organization said in a statement.

It followed the call from the West African regional grouping ECOWAS which warned the Bissau-Guinean army against any political interference.

On Tuesday, the office of the Supreme Court condemned the occupation, “for unknown reasons,” of its premises and those of the Court of Appeal and the regional court of Bissau by defense and security forces, disrupting their normal functioning.

The military occupation comes after Umaro Sissoco Embalo who was declared elected by the National Elections Commission (CNE), dismissed Prime Minister, Aristides Gomes and appointed Nuno Nabiam one of his main allies.

The latter also unveiled on Monday evening his government comprising 32 members, including 18 ministers and 13 state secretaries, with the exception of the Minister of Public Health who has not been appointed yet.

The CPLP also called on the political actors of the Portuguese-speaking country to act with “serenity” and avoid “situations that could lead to more political instability and violence.”

It stressed the importance of creating “spaces and an environment” so that “competent civil institutions” can “quickly find lasting solutions for peace and political stability.”

In addition, the organization promises to continue to develop, in collaboration with the other members of Group P5 (United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS and European Union), efforts that can contribute effectively to resolving the post-electoral crisis, in line with the constitution of this country, whose history has been marked by frequent military coups.



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