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Guinea-Bissau leader fires five cabinet ministers

APA-Bissau (Guinea-Bissau)

Guinea-Bissau's new leader Umaro Sissoco Embalo over the weekend fired five of his cabinet minister, the latest move in a growing row over who is in charge of running the country.

Those sacked are the ministers of Interior, Agriculture, Defence, Economy and Energy, according to a decree announced on Sunday with no reason provided over the removals.

No replacements have been announced for those sacked who are members of Embalo's Modem coalition which is made up of some 15 parties.

Guinea-Bissau's parliamentarians go into session later on Monday to determine the formation of a new government.

The legitimacy of President Embaló's presidency is still being challenged in the Supreme Court by the country's independence party, the PAIGC six months after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential elections last December. 

The PAIGC alleged widerspread rigging and ballot-stuffing during the polls, claims Embalo ahd his allies have dismissed as nonsense.


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