31-Mar-2020 to 15:15

Somalia becomes 182nd member of MIGA

APA-Nairobi(Kenya) — Somalia has become the 182nd member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), a member of the World Bank Group, following normalization of its financial relationship with the World Bank.

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28-Feb-2020 to 12:49

Somalia to reestablish financial relations with World Bank

APA-Nairobi(Kenya) — The World Bank Group Board of Executive Directors have moved toward normalizing its relations with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) after thirty years.

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09-Sep-2019 to 12:06

Somali economy projected to grow by 2.9 percent

APA-Nairobi(Kenya) — The Somali economy is projected to grow by 2.9 percent in 2019 and projected to expand by 3.2 - 3.5 percent over the medium-term, assuming the current reform momentum continues, the World Bank said on Monday.

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04-Sep-2019 to 19:03

Somalia: Piling pressure on al-Shabaab through airstrikes

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Somali war planes on Tuesday pounded al-Shabaab positions in the town of Jilib with close supervision by U.S. Africa Command aimed at bringing pressure to bear on the militants.

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23-Aug-2019 to 17:34

From warlord to Mogadishu mayor

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Somalia's Omar Mohamud Mohamed will always be remembered as a former warlord but he has been confirmed as the new mayor of Mogadishu, achieving by political appointment what he could not pull off by military prowess.

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22-Jul-2019 to 19:36

10 killed in Mogadishu car bomb blast

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Ten people are now confirmed to have died after a car bomb blast near Somalia’s main airport in the capital Mogadishu on Monday.

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01-Jul-2019 to 20:07

Mogadishu protests Kenya's Somaliland tweet

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Somalia has expressed its displeasure over a controversial tweet by a Kenyan ministry which seems to suggest that breakaway Somaliland is an independent country.

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