Widespread floods affect over 240,000 people in Ethiopia’s Afar region

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Widespread floods affect more than 240,000 people in the Afar region of Ethiopia, an official has said.

The flood occurred after the region's main waterway and sources – Awash River and Koka and Tendaho dams had burst their banks following heavy rains in the highlands of the country.

The region’s Disaster Prevention and Food Security Coordinating Office head Mohammed Hussien told journalists on Sunday that the flood hit more than 80 localities which are located within 17 districts.


The head said 144, 000 residents of the region were displaced due to the flood which also damaged crops on 41,000 hectares of land.

At least 21,000 cattle have been washed away by the floods which authorities described as the worst ever the region has seen. 

More than 1000 people were stranded by the flood and still inaccessible while at least 48, 000 people, including 20, 000 children, have lost their homes and are currently unsheltered.

The flood has left 123,763 people in need of emergency food assistance amounting to 18, 560 quintals while another 84,000 mothers and children are requiring medicines.


According to the head 21,624 quintals of food aid has been distributed to 116,662 flood stricken people.


Mohammed said the regional and federal governments as well as various NGOs are providing support to the affected people but managed to meet 40 percent of the total demand.



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